JUNE 2017
From Arthur Smith
I regret to inform members of the passing of Sgt Alan Dunster of Intake 58A on 18 June 2017. Alan was a very old friend and a staunch supporter of AOHA. A loving husband and father he will be greatly missed by friends and family alike. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.Thank you Arthur

R.I.P Alan

Can anyone help please

Hi...I'm looking for my father John Leonard Howe, age 78-ish. I know he was in Chepstow boys army 55-58 approx. then joined a REME regt in Hereford attached to 22 SAS between 60-67 and served 3 duties in Borneo 62-64 and a short tour in Cyprus 61-62. Lost contact in 64.
Any help with squadron names within that period would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Richard Anthony John Howe

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JUNE 2012
Just to remind you all it will be 58 A/B 55th anniversary of us joining in 2013, I have caused some confusion that made some folk, more than one, think it is this year.JANUARY 2012

I am organizing a get together in Harrogate the first weekend of October 2013.
So far about 15 to 20 have said they will come, these are definite’s and possibles.
To get an idea of numbers for when I book the room this October could you please give me an idea of whether or not you are likely to go?
Rgds Mike Griffiths

trying to locate an ex Chepstow lad by the name of 'Lesley',
I don't know what his first name was we knew him as titch
 his intake would have been something like 58A/B.
He was in 16 field Sqn in Osnabruck
and was a member of the 35CER boxing team 62/63
 he was quite a small lad

Pat Warn
RA Surveyor

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Hi All 2013 will be 55 years since we first went to Harrogate. Talking to some of the regular attendees at the AOHA, last October, the one thing that is obvious is that we are not getting any younger and waiting for our 60th anniversary might be a bit too long before our next large scale get together. Remember that John died within a week of the 50th get together. So on that cheery note; I thought I would ask you all Are you interested in a 55th do? Where would you like to have it, i.e. Harrogate or somewhere else, if so where else? When would be a good time, the AOHA meeting is always the first weekend in October, which is what we did last time? Please let me know your views if there is a consensus I would be happy to do the necessary bookings. 
Rgds Mike Griffiths

Bill Jenner
12 Nov 09
Has anyone got anything on
Reunion Chepstow
22 Sept 09

I have had a request from Fred Carslake 57A Harrogate
for any passing out parade
photos that may be around
1st Sept 09

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  1. G’Day From Bill Jenner
    Just a bit on the big news here in NZ, the earthquake in Christchurch you might be interested or just want to put it in your rubbish bin. The earthquake that happened in Christchurch was a 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale. It is the biggest one to hit NZ since 1931, it was thought that Christchurch was well away from the main fault line, but old mother nature wasn’t having any of that, they are now saying that it happened on a previously unknown fault that last ruptured 16,000 years ago, don’t ask me how they can date a previous rupture. The amazing thing is that no one was killed, maybe it was the fact that it happened at 0435 and everyone was at home, the building code in NZ takes into account the effects of earthquakes as we get them on a regular bases. About 50,000 properties have been affected, with about 1,000 now unliveable and as time goes on I think that that number will increase. The centre of town seems to be the worst affected, with the fronts of buildings having fallen down, these are now being demolished, the sad thing is that they are mostly old building dating back to the mid 1800’s, we haven’t got much history in this country, unlike the UK, so by loosing these buildings we are loosing a big part of the history of this country. Since the quake there have been over 300 after shocks mostly in the 3 to 5 magnitude range but there have been two 5.4 and one 5.1 which has caused more damage, but of course the experts are saying that people should expect one about 6.1, just what the people of Christchurch want to hear. It has been interesting seeing the effect on the landscape once flat pasture is now rippled and even a river has changed course, one of the most amazing things is that the sub soil has been forced to the surface a mixture of mud and sand in some places up to 4 Ft thick, the big thing that has come out of this is how people have railed to help each other, even the university students have got stuck in and are helping with the clean up, but it is going to be many months if not years before they get back to normal that is if they do As I have already said we get quite a few earthquakes the main fault line comes ashore in the central north island and runs down the south island more or less down a range of mountains called the main divide, since the one in Christchurch there have been a couple of small ones in the central and lower north island. We are lucky here in Auckland as we are well away from that area; if we are to have any problems with Mother Nature it will be Volcanic as Auckland is built on a dormant Volcano [we like to think that it is extinct] but only time will tell, I guess that’s enough of the doom and gloom, I hope that I haven’t bored you to much. Hope to hear from you soon
    Cheers for now
    Bill Jenner