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Bentley Morph C Coy
Caldwell Roger elvis harrogate RIP 2010
Carthew Jim plumbing
Cartwright Terry welder
Clements Ken. I had a few mates in 58a,
Crooke Mike plumbing R.I.P 10/9/15
Day Marshall Wyatt. R.I.P. 2013 I am an ex 58A urchin I was in A Coy. Corps of drums.reposted to Arborfield in Jan 1960
Day Peter. 58A Plumbing
Daysh Len reme
Doherty Colin Signals
Dyer Brian
Field Ray
Harrap Ray c coy
Herbert Robert herby plumbing 58B to 58A moved harrogate to chepstow 
Hodgson John signals
Howson Leo
Hunnybun Brian deceased
Hunnybun Mike brother of brian 58B
Iveson Bruce REME
Jenner Bill
Jolly Brian reme band sgt
Jones Russell Taff carpenter harrogate
Killen Bill d and b coy reme
Knapp Errol bruce A/B Signals
Kyle (Tubby) Roderic D then B Coy?
Langabeer Vic
Lawrence Hank titch plumbing 
Lee Mike plumbing
Lowbridge Ted. 58A plumbing 
Lusted Ian
McCubbing Bryan Alan reme A Coy B Coy
Meggison Philip
Moran Patrick. 58A Chep A Coy (Fitter) Op
Neiass John  REME A coy
Obermaier Mac 58B
Pocock Ronald  Plumbing R.I.P 2008
Peter Littlefear deceased
Simmonds Mike RE R.I.P. 2016
Speed Michael reme 57B/58A
Taylor Maurice
Wardle Brian R.I.P 2012
Warn Pat RA surveyor shadow intake april 
Winder Nick. 58A Chepstow  (D and B Company)
Wingrove Ian. Plumbing & Borneo 1963 with aus
Woodward Denis went REME
Wylie Brian draughtsman
Yarwood John electrician reme R I P 1 july 2008
Youdle Dave (Tich) 58A Chep blacksmith

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  1. I was in 57A at Harrogate and I am looking for other members of my intake. If you know where any of them may be hiding please drop me a line on